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Master Programmes

List of Master’s Degree programmes being offered by the University departments under Choice Based Credit System(CBCS):
1. M.A. Ancient History and Archaeology
2. M.A. Historical Studies
3. M.A. Anthropology
4. M.A.Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration
5. M.Sc. Cyber Forensics and Information Security
6. M.Ed. (General)
7. M.A. Continuing Education Management
8. M.A. Sociology
9. M.A. Corporate Sociology
10. M.A. Defence and Strategic Studies
11. M.A. Public Affairs
12. M.A. Public Management
13. M.A. Political Science
14. M.A. Indian Economics
15. M.A. Econometrics
16. M.A. Communication
17. M.Sc. Electronic Media (Self-supportive)
18. M.A. Indian Philosophy
19. M.A. Comparative Religion and Philosophy with Specialization in Saiva Siddhanta Studies
20. M.A. Comparative Religion and Philosophy with Specialization in Vaishnava Studies
21. M.A. Comparative Religion and Philosophy with Specialization in Christian Studies
22. M.A. Comparative Religion and Philosophy with Specialization in Jainology Studies
23. M.A. Islamic Studies
24. M.A. Indian Music
25. M.A. Bharathanatyam (Self-supportive)
26. M.A. Folk Music
27. M.A. Rhythmology
28. M.A. English
29. M.A. French
30. M.A. French-Translation
31. M.A. Hindi
32. M.A .Kannada
33. M.A. Malayalam
34. M.A. Tamil Literature and Culture
35. M.A. Tamil Studies
36. M.A. Applied Linguistics
37. M.A. Telugu
38. M.A .Arabic
39. M.A. Urdu
40. M.A. Sanskrit
41. M.A. Applied Sanskrit
42. M.L. (i) International Law and Organisation, (ii) Constitutional Law and Legal Order
43. M.Com. – Trade and Services
44. M.B.A. (Regular), M.B.A. (Self supportive)
45. M. Sc. Information Science
46. M.Sc.HRD Psychology (Regular), M.Sc.HRD Psychology (Self-supportive)
47. M. Sc. Mathematics (Regular), M. Sc. Mathematics (Self -supportive)
48. M. Sc. Statistics
49. M.Sc Actuarial Science
50. M.Sc. Computer Science (SS)
51. M.C. A. (Three years)
52. M. Sc. Applied Geography
53. M. Sc. Spatial Information Technology
54. M. Sc. Geology
55. M. Sc. Applied Geology
56. M. Sc. Analytical Chemistry
57. M. Sc. Inorganic Chemistry
58. M. Sc. Organic Chemistry
59. M. Sc. Physical Chemistry
60. M. Sc. Polymer Science
61. M. Sc. Biophysics
62. M. Sc. Physics
63. M. Sc. Electronics Science
64. M. Sc. Advanced Biochemistry
65. M. Sc. Bio-informatics (Self-supportive)
66. M. Sc. Biotechnology (Regular), M. Sc. Biotechnology (Self supportive)
67. M. Sc. Applied Plant Science
68. M. Sc. Applied Plant Science
69. M. Sc. Zoology (Special)
70. M. Sc. Medical Biochemistry
71. M. Sc. Biomedical Genetics
72. M. Sc. Molecular Biology (Self supportive)
73. M. Sc.Medical Microbiology (Three years)
74. M. Sc. Biomedical Sciences
75. M. Sc. Pharmacology (Three years)
76. M.S. Neuroscience (Self-supportive)
77. M. Sc. Anatomy (Three years )
78. M. Sc. Physiology (Three years)
79. M. Sc. Photonics and Bio- Photonics
80. M.Sc./M.Tech in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Contact Details of University of Madras, Chennai

Prof. S. Ramachandran
Vice-Chancellor, University of Madras

Chepauk, Chennai-600 005,
Tamil Nadu, South India
Telephone: 91-44-25361074, 25399401 (Off.)
Fax: 91-44-25367654,
VC's Secretariat : Tel : 25399563

Registrar I/C
Dr. M. Ranganatham
Tel : 91-44-25361055

Registrar's Secretariat : Tel : 91-44-25399570

Controller of Examinations
Dr. K. Murugesan
University of Madras
Chepauk Campus, Chennai - 600005
Tel : 91-44-25368496, 25399405

COE'S Secretariat : Tel : 91-44-25399417

Additional Controller of Examinations (IDE)
University of Madras
Chepauk Campus, Chennai - 600005

University Students Advisory Bureau - USAB

Director I/c.,
Dr. V.D. Swaminathan
Chepauk Campus, Chennai - 600005
Tel :91-44-25392255, 25399518

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