IGNOU PGDHHM Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management, course eligibility, fees

IGNOU PGDHHM Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management

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IGNOU PGDHHM Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management

This programme aims at improving the managerial skills of Hospital for the effective and efficient performance of the Hospitals. Medical/Dental Graduates, Graduates in Indian System of Medicine & Homeopathic, Graduates in Nursing, Graduates in Pharmacy, Graduates in Engineering or Architecture associated with Hospitals. This programme was launched in January 2001. Total number of programme study centres activated at present are 23.


The broad Objectives of the programme are to

* Acquire theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills to apply scientific approach to management of people, materials, finance, communication and for organising work and managing resources

  • Learn modern management techniques like inventory canal, control, economic order quantity(EOQ), operational research organisational development, management information system etc.
  • Plan in advance how to face the problems of hospital management, learn methods of problems solving and decision making.
  • Assess the clinical and non-clinical needs of patient care, understanding the administrative and technical requirements of physicians and paramedical personnel.


The course fees of IGNOU PGDHHM is Rs. 15,700.


Minimum 1 year, Maximum 3 years

IGNOU PGDHHM Eligibility

The eligibility for the different categories of the target group are :

  • Medical/Dental graduates from a Medical Dental Institute of India or other countries recognised by Medical Council of India ( MCI) or Dental Council.
  • Graduates in Indian system of medicine, Homeopathy, nursing and pharmacy recognised by the respective Council with three years hospital experience.
  • Graduates holding MBA Degree or PG Diploma in Financial, Material or Personal Management with five years of hospital experience.

Preference will be given to applicants working in a hospital/health care institution and holding administrative responsibilities.

Number of Seats

30-40 per programme study centre.

Programme Structure

Course Code Course Title
PGDHHM Hospital Waste Management
PGDHHM-4 Management of OPD
PGDHHM-4 Accident and Emergency
PGDHHM – 4 Utility and Support Services


Course Code Course Title Course Credits (Theory) Course Credits (Practical)
PGDHHM-001 Introduction to Management-I 3 2
PGDHHM-002 Introduction to Management-II 3 2
PGDHHM-003 Organisation and Management of Hospitals 3 2
PGDHHM-004 Clinical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services 3 2
PGDHHM-005 Support and Utility Services and Risk Management 3 2
PGDHHM-006 Health System Management

Project Work







  Total Credits 18 14
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