IGNOU PGDGM Post Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine, course eligibility, fees

IGNOU PGDGM Post Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine

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IGNOU PGDGM Post Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine

This programme is a Diploma Programme of three years duration. It is aimed at MBBS doctors. This programme will equip the in-service doctors with knowledge and skills in the field of Geriatric Medicine and further enable them to deal with the special problems faced by the elderly. It is proposed to have 10 to 12 programme study centres in the first year.

It must be appreciated that the epidemiological and the clinical features of disease vary in this age as compared to the younger generation. Drug dosages and interactions also differ. Geriatric management requires not only medical interventions but also special economic and environmental interventions. This programme aims at not only enhancing the knowledge but also multiskilling the doctors so as that they can provide primary level care to the elderly.


The Objectives of this programme is to

  • Upgrade the knowledge and skills for providing comprehensive health care to elderly
  • Inculcate the inter-disciplinary approach for diagnosing and management of geriatric health problems
  • Improve the clinical, social and communication skills by providing hands on training in medical colleges and district hospitals.

IGNOU PGDGM Admission fee

The admission fee of this programme is Rs. 15,200.


The minimum duration of this porogramme is 1 year and the maximum duration is 3 years.

IGNOU PGDGM Eligibility

MBBS doctors are eligible for this programme.

Number of Seats

Each centre to have a maximum of 30 students.


The hands-on-training is proposed to be offered involving a three tier system i.e. demonstrations and discussions at Medical colleges called Programme Study Centre (PSC), supervisory practice at district level /secondary level hospitals called Skill Development Centres (SDC) and self activity at own Work Place (WP) with maintenance of records. The training at the programme study centres and the skill development centres would be done by trained teachers called counsellors. To ensure quality training, a three tier monitoring system would be operational i.e. the core faculty at head quarter level, Regional Health sciences Advisory Committee (RHSAC) at state level and Regional Consultants at SDC level. The hands-on-training of all students would be recorded in logbooks and verified by concerned Counsellors.


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