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IGNOU BSW Bachelor in Social Work, Indira Gandhi National Open University

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IGNOU BSW Bachelor in Social Work

The Bachelor Degree Programme in Social Work is aimed at training individuals who are already working or desire to work in the Development and Welfare sectors.Professionally trained social workers are well qualified to be employed in these sectors due to the following advantages:

  • Interdisciplinary knowledge base
  • Training in a wide variety of interpersonal skills
  • Field work experience during which skills and knowledge are applied under supervision of a professional social worker
  • Exposure to the working of development/ welfare organizations, problem areas and the implementation of development/ welfare programmes
  • Entry into a body of professional social workers and related support systems
  • Imbibing appropriate attitudes required for working with individuals, groups and communities

IGNOU BSW Eligibility

10+2 or its equivalent or BPP from IGNOU

Medium of instruction

The programme is offered in English and Hindi

Programme Duration

The minimum duration of this programme is three years and the maximum duration is six years.

IGNOU BSW Course Fee

Registration fees: Rs. 100

Progamme Fees: Rs. 2500 per annum including printed course materials, exam and student support services

IGNOU BSW Programme Structure

First year

S.No. Subject Name Credits
1. Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences (FHS –I) 8
2. Foundation Course in English 1 or Hindi 2 (FEG-1 or FHD –2) 4
3. Foundation Course in English or Foundation Course in Hindi (FEG-2 or FHD –1 or Modern Indian Language [MIL]: any one) 4
4. Introduction to Social Work (BSWE-001) 8
5. Social work Practicum-I (BSWL-001) 8

Second year

S.No. Subject Name Credits
1. Foundation Course in Science and Technology (FST-01) 8
2. Social Work Intervention with individuals and groups (BSWE –002) 8
3. Social Work Practicum-II (BSWL-002) 8
4. Introduction to Family Education (BSWE-004) 8

Third Year

S.No. Subject Credits
1. Social Work intervention with communities and institutions (BSWE –003) 8
2. Social Work Practicum-III (BSWL –003) 8
3. Introduction to HIV/ AIDS (BSWE-005) 8
4. Substance Abuse and Counselling(BSWE-006) 8


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