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IGNOU BSc.N Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing

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IGNOU BSc. N Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing

The objective of Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing is:

• Provide an opportunity to diploma holder in-service nurses to upgrade their knowledge and skills in order to respond to the changing health needs of the society;

• Motivate Nurses to improve clinical competence so as to provide quality care

• Develop teaching, administrative and research skills and

• Promote personal growth for better and promotional opportunities

Admission fee

Rs.11000 per annum

Examination & Evaluation

Continuous and term end evaluation approach is used for theory and practical assessment for each course. The total marks for the three year Post Basic B.Sc Nursing programme are 1800 (1000 for theory and 800 for practical).

If a student fails in Practical examination and viva voce then she/he has to appear for Practical examination and viva voce only. If student has failed in self-activities or supervised activities she/he has to appear in the activities in which she/he has failed. However, if student has failed in both self and supervised activities then she/he has to repeat the self and supervised activities and Practical examination.


If a student has completed the maximum period, i.e., 5 years of duration in the Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing programme, she/he will be given re-admission in the courses and practicals which she/he is not able to complete by paying fees prorate. The readmission will be required for those courses only which are not successfully completed by the students by paying prorate fees. A student is required to fill up the readmission form.


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